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In 2019 Air France celebrates the 65th anniversary of regular flights between the two capitals: Moscow and Paris.

On this occasion we designed a special TRAVEL BOX together with our partners evian and Clarins.
You can order your TRAVEL BOX for free by filling in the below form. In this box you will find gifts from Air France and our partners, which may come in handy for your next trips.

In addition to our French origin we share with partners a common sustainable approach to our business.

Today Air France boasts a wide route network and offices all around the world, innovative online services for customers. The airline closely follows rapidly changing trends and passengers’ expectations, constantly updating and improving its products and services. Each Air France aircraft carries “a piece of France” – “art de vivre”, grace, refinement, attention to details, pleasure and style. This year Air France celebrates 65th anniversary of flights from France to Russia.
The worldwide leader in premium spring water segment evian is famous for collaborating with world-known designers. Each drop of evian water travels on a 15 year journey to the source through layers of glacial rocks which naturally protect the water from outside pollution and enrich it with naturally occurring electrolytes and minerals, which provide the distinctive, crisp taste.
The Clarins brand was born 65 years ago with the desire to advance beauty by making it more real and natural. Clarins uses natural plant extracts in its formulas, which are carefully selected for their effectiveness and are delivered in an optimal formula to reveal the beauty of every woman.

You can order your TRAVEL BOX now by filling the below form.

First lucky 150 participants will receive the box by mail to the address indicated in the form and will have a chance to win tickets to Paris!


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After you have the box, you can share its photos in your profile on Instagram with the hashtags #airfrancebox #evianrussia #clarinsrussia and win 2 tickets to Paris!

We will choose the winner no later than September 30th among all participants.
Check the conditions of the draw in the rules of the Promotion


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The results of the draw will be published on September 30, 2019 on this website and on the official Air France VKontakte page